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esmero m (uncountable) great care, or diligence. esmero Future LDP / Fedora API spec. repository ecosystem build on Modern Stack/UX

esmero in too many words

esmero will be a simplistic, semantic, modern (whatever that means), mostly serverless and cloud based Digital Objects Repository Ecosystem designed and developed with radip deployment and ease of use in mind.

By incorporating existing Opensource community bestpractices, cloud building blocks, code and open standards, including listening to peoples daily needs, we have come to the conclusion, a.k.a -we think-, we can remove some unneeded complexities from this type of systems. If we will be able to reach that goal is yet to be seen of course.

For whom may esmero be?

We think there is a large group of individuals and institutiones that have a set of needs (and hopes) not being served fully by existing repository systems. To clarify: those other projects are doing nothing wrong, they have chosen a path and are maintaining a very large and important based of users. They are just focusing on a different group and need to maintain a evolving constant to avoid breaking what is already there.

A new system can skip some of those constrains.

The fact that esmero incorporates a lot of backend knowlegde, good practices and code from projects like Fedora and Islandora (and we collaborate individually as members of those) is a sign that we search integration with existing ways of doing things but diverging on how we want to expose our future users (and Developers/IT) to those.

As many repository ecosystems, we search to search serve archivists, metadata professionales, catalogers, small collections, Museums, heritage and culture institutions, small, tiny or large or in general those that produce digital representation of things and concepts that require:

and humans && institutiones that:

## What is next?

We are already developing and testing some ideas. Soon we will be sharing code and HOW-TO’s openly here. Technology piece, languages and standards are mostly decided and our architecture established. We can’t say too much, but this is being cooked on swarms of Containers, A LOT of Cloud services, Fedora4/5API and Fedora3 (dual!), PHP 7 and Node.js

Stay tunned and come back from time to time or open an issue if you want to discuss something related to OpenSource, Repositories, Serverless and/or unfullfilled needs.